Are you kidding me…I’m feeling too good?

After the 3rd week – my energy was back and I was feeling GOOD.

Still had my joint symptoms but I was feeling better energy wise and than I had in several months and my inflammation was not getting worse.   When I went for my next injection I was so happy to report this.  Not only no negative side effects (rashes, itching) but I’m feeling better. They tell me …. hmmm you should not be feeling so good so fast so we should cut your dose back a bit.

What the…..?  Feeling better is not a good thing? Are you kidding me?  The clinic nurse explains that the fact that I am experiencing an improvement this fast is to be considered a “reaction” and if left as is – I would next likely experience the side effects of mouth sores and skin rashes.   The recommended course of treatment is to back off the does for this week and see how that goes.  I will have to say that I was initially disappointed but of course I trust the experts.

I continue to be impressed with the level of patient care at this facility.  I am fortunate to be able to have  the specialists here at the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre as my care givers.  There is a lot of research and study that comes out of this place and the Dr’s are truly leaders and innovators in the field or Rhuematology.   I have heard the the Dr that oversees the Gold Clinic at the centre is one of the worlds leading authorities on gold injection treatment for RA.  I trust that I am in good hands and will see what this week brings.

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