Changing Medication – Going for the Gold

There are a few reasons my Dr. and I have chosen Gold injections to treat my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I have been experiencing a severe flare up since May of this year.  I need to alter my medications.

My Dr. initially wanted me to go on Methotrexate.  I have been fighting going on that for a long time, over a decade.  I just don’t want to go there.  One reason for this is that when on Methotrexate you have a compromised immune system.   This is something I would like to hold off from doing for as long as I can. An additional and important to me part of it is that on Methotrexate you are not supposed to consume alcohol.  I am a passionate cook and along with that enjoy my wine so that made it not a good fit for me.  Because of these reasons and that my RA aside from this recent flare is concentrated mainly in just one knee, we chose to give gold a try.

One of the challenges with gold is a weekly injection.  Currently that has me going to the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre each week for my shot.  Usually on a Thursday.

The most common side effects for gold are itching and rashes and/or mouth sores.  Some people it seems have a chemical reaction and are not able to tolerate it in their system.  If you experience symptoms they cut back on your dose and try again to see if you still experience the side effects with a lower dosage.  You are required get your blood and urine tested each week to start.  They monitor levels of (more later don’t have my hand out).  The thing that I like is that with this close monitoring, if at any time your blood work comes back with higher levels the treatment is stopped and all side effects are reversible.

So, I am going for the gold and have an appointment for my first treatment in 2 weeks.

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  1. I have been contemplating now for over a year what treatment would siut me best. Gold has been in my research field for a while. i am assured by your testimonials, that when the time comes i will choose the gold injections. I am hoping to be able to do it myself as i live in a remote area.. i have medical staff available but no experts. Thanx for shating your experiences.


    • arthritiskitchen

      Hi Inge,
      Have you started gold injections yet? I found it to be a very well tolerated medication for me and it was effective for several years. Very easy to do at home with some help. My spouse would do the injections for me. Best of luck to you.

  2. I have been on the gold injections for a few years now, I have it once a month and suffer no side effects. I had tryed other drugs with a lot of side effects, so Gold it is , I have a wonderful back up team with the nurses and Drs. I also have a lovely tan without sitting in the sun. I call my Gold my wonder drug yes it can be painful going in but that is a small price to pay for the pain relief.

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