Starting Gold Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis

June 12, 2009 today is the day I begin my gold therapy.

Myochrysine (Gold Salts)

My treatment takes place at the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre.  My first appointment will include a consultation with  the clinic nurse to go over the program, inform me of side effects and what to watch for and to basically make sure I am well informed and prepared for what is ahead.

I’m excited and a bit nervous.  It can take up to 3 months to see any effects.  I really hope this works.

I was really impressed in the time that the clinic nurse spent with me to go over all of the information.  They also gave me print outs of all the info.  Good to have because as much as you think you are paying attention and taking it all in you can’t possibly retain all the info.

The regular dose is 50mg.  They start you off slowly at first so today I received and injection of 10mg.  Next time it will be 25 and then the full 50 if I am tolerating it.

The shot is best given in the buttock muscle and apparently can cause discomfort if injected too fast.  They put some freezing into the shot and then in it goes.  Honestly…I could hardly say I felt it at all. Less than a mosquito bite, way less than the blood test that comes after.  Easy Breezy.

Week 2 – so far so good

I’m on my second week now.  Not reporting any side effects.  Every once in a while I think that maybe I feel itchy but really it is so light it hard to tell.  Is it that I’m expecting it and watching for it that I feel this way?  The nurse said that if I felt I needed it I could pick up an allergy medicine from the drug store.  At this point this is totally not necessary.  Nothing as far as a hint of mouth sores.  So far so good.  RA wise…feeling about the same.

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