Ouch! Not so fast please

Got my gold shot an hour ago and now have an absolutely aching butt.  There’s this one nurse that pays no heed to the recommended practice of doing the injection slowly.  She just pushes it fast and quick.  I’m going to have to say something.  They ask you each week how everything is going and if you have any side effects to report etc.  I was going to say something this time re: the area where the injection is done is achy afterwards from the last time and ask if she could go slower especially seeing as that is what is supposed to happen.   I didn’t say anything today and now I’m paying for it.   I think the reason  I kept quiet was that that things are going so good and I don’t have any side effects so I’m thinking I have no reason to complain.  However as I write this I have an ice pack on and am experiencing moderate discomfort.   Really shouldn’t have to suffer unnecessarily if there is a way around it.  I will for sure mention it next time.

It is a good reminder to speak up and be an advocate for your own health.  There are enough things about having RA that are out of ones control so its important to ensure that you manage the things that you are able to have control and influence on and this is a situation where that applied.

Rant over – back to icing.

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  1. arthritiskitchen

    Had my weekly gold shot today. Spoke to the nurse re: the discomfort from the last couple of times and asked for it to be done slower. She did and it worked. No aching butt this time. It pays to be an advocate of your own health care and to speak up. Glad I did.

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