Microplane Magic

Do you have a Microplane for your kitchen? Microplane

I added to my collection today with this beauty and I can’t wait to use it.  This one has an ergonomic grip for the handle and also a rubberized foot at the bottom.  I find it lightweight for its size while also being very stable to use.  This one has larger size teeth than my original citrus zester microplane and is supposed to be terrific for hard cheeses, fruits/veg and even coconut.

Arthritis Kitchen Tip – Why you want a Microplane

  • Super easy to use
  • Saves you from having to do a lot of chopping
  • Very effective and fast
  • Rinses clean easily under running water

I use my microplane(s) for garlic, ginger, nutmeg, citrus zest, hard cheeses, chocolate, carrots for starters and I’m sure I’ll find more.

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