Prepping Vegetables in the Arthritis Kitchen

Taking a detour from the usual meal preparation that goes on in The Arthritis Kitchen, tonight I will be  washing and preparing vegetables for a food event I am participating in tomorrow.   Dinner will be take out from our favorite local Japanese restaurant and my kitchen efforts will be washing and prepping lettuce, tomatoes, and onions for the burger toppings for an event of aprox. 60 people.

Whenever I have salad greens to wash I use what I call the immerse, drain and wrap method.   I would like to have an Oxo Good Grips salad spinner and its on my list to purchase but in the meantime, I find my method easier to do than using my old dial style salad spinner which is really hard on my hands and doesn’t do a good job.

Here is what I do: I’ll use Romain Lettuce as my example.

I use a large plastic tub put it in my sink and fill with cold tap water.  Take the head of romain and chop off the root end leaving a big bouquet  of leaves.  Immerse these all into the “pool” and push down so they get completely submerged.  Lift them up and place in a stainer.  Dump the water (filled with dirt and grit from my lovely organic produce) fill it up with water and do it again and place back in the strainer.   I then take a clean kitchen towel and place it on my counter, spread the leaves out in a layer, put another kitchen towel on top, blot and then roll it up.  This I find is so easy on the hands and does a really good job in drying the leaves.

The key to this method is to have a large enough container so whatever veg you are using has tons of room.  A bowl is not large enough for this to be effective.  Currently I use a large Tupperware container that I think is supposed to be a vegetable keeper.  I have also used a clean dish pan.  The idea is to have enough room in the container so that the simple act of submerging the lettuce into the water does the washing.  No need to fuss around with running water or each individual leaf of lettuce.   I use this method to wash all my veg.  For things like zucchini or carrots I just blot them dry on a towel don’t roll them up.

Give it a try.  It is such an effective way of washing salad greens and really no effort at all.

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