Tri Tip Steak with Salad and Bean Sprouts

Easy Steak Dinner

Easy Steak Dinner

Sometimes in The Arthritis Kitchen I  like to take short cuts that will make it easier to prepare meals when experiencing a flare up   Today that meant using packaged, ready to go salad greens and bean sprouts.

You can find good quality salad mixes in the grocery store that are already pre-washed and ready to go.  While these are usually more expensive than buying and prepping the ingredients yourself the ease of preparation is a plus.  If you are in a crunch for time or don’t have the energy to wash and prep veg this is a good solution.

Tri Tip Steak

Tri Tip Steak

Tri Tip Steak – this cut of meat is new to me and I am pleased to report that I really like it.  I usually would buy strip loin, new york cut, rib eye as my steak of choice.  The other day when trying to make my choice at the meat counter a fellow shopper said – “try the tri tip – you wont’ be disappointed” .  That proved to be true and I have been picking this cut up lately.  As you can see it is a combination of being both lean and nicely marbled.  That translates to good flavor and tenderness.  It is also at a way lower price point than the other cuts of steak I had been buying.  This has the stamp of approval from the Arthritis Kitchen.

How I prepared the meal:

  • Season steaks with salt and pepper
  • Heat pan – add oil – wait until it “shimmers”
  • Add steaks – cook until desired doneness
  • Remove steaks to a plate – tent with foil
  • Add bean sprouts to pan – add a splash of soy sauce – saute to heat through

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