Arthritis update – three months on Gold Injections

Sodium AurthiolateI’ve been receiving gold injections once per week to treat my rheumatoid arthritis.  It is supposed to take 3-6 months to see the effects.  I am now 3 months in to my treatment.  While I am not symptom free and still have inflammation in my knee, I am significantly better than I was 3 months ago.   My Rheumatologist feels I am doing well and says the next step is to see if I can continue to improve or have reached a plateau.  I am feeling very lucky not to be experiencing any of the typical side effects which are itching, rashes and mouth sores.  I’m also hoping I continue to improve and have not reached a plateau.  It feels so good to have some of my energy back.  I find the fatigue factor one of the most challenging part of having RA.  When I start to feel better and get my energy back after a flare I find that I feel so happy.  I work full time and this week was particularly draining so I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend and am staying close to home.  There will of course be cooking going in the Arthritis Kitchen during the weekend.  Tonight I’m going to be making stuffed peppers.  I’ll post pic’s and recipes later.

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