Stuffed Peppers with Ground Chicken

Stuffed Peppers 007 Tonight I made stuffed peppers.  I used a mixture of   ground chicken, onions, celery, garlic, diced fresh tomatoes  and rice as the filling.  Topped with montery jack cheese and broiled to perfection.

I cut off the tops of the red peppers, halved the yellow pepper and removed the seeds.  Then I brushed with oil and grilled on the BBQ til slightly charred and beReady for the ovenginning to soften.    For the filling I first browned some diced onion, then added diced celery, chopped garlic and sauteed until translucent.    I seasoned with salt, pepper, Watkins Chicken Seasoning, and an  Italian Seasoning blend – I also added several generous shakes of turmeric because this is the Arthritis Kitchen after all and turmeric is high on the list if inflammation reducing ingredients.

To this mixture I added about 1 cup cooked rice and some fresh diced tomatoes.  Topped with grated cheese.  Bake at 350 until bubbly, then broil until cheese is slightly browned.  Grilling the peppers added such a great favor to this dish.

Arthritis Kitchen Tip – Breaking up ground meat in the pan.  Ground chicken is rather sticky when beginning to brown.  I was needing to do way too much hand work with a spoon to break it up.  I grabbed my potato masher and worked through the mixture without having to do a lot of hand or wrist movements.  I’ve seen a device designed to do just that – break up ground meat in the pan.  Until I have one of those, using the potato masher is my cooking with arthritis tip of the day to save strain on your hands and wrists.

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  1. arthritiskitchen

    Thank you. They were a big hit. I’ve done them before with ground beef but my family likes them best with ground chicken or turkey.

  2. Those look delicious! I used to really dislike peppers as a kid, but I have been slowly coming around to them and I especially like red ones now. And of course, just about anything with cheese is yummy.

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