Pie Crust in the Food Processor

Pie crust 003Pie crust 007

I wanted to make a crust from scratch so I can use my deep dish pie plate for the pumpkin pie I’m making later today.  Using the food processor seemed like the way to go to save both time and strain on my hands.

Ingredients for making pastry are supposed to be really cold to produce the best results.  Because of my arthritis I tend to work slower than most so I took a few additional easy steps to ensure everything kept its chill as I worked at a pace that was comfortable for me.  I chilled the bowl and the blade in the freezer so it would be super cold.  Measured out the ingredients (I used a mixture of 1 cup lard and ¼ cup butter) cut the fat into cubes, re-chilled in the fridge on a plate.  Put flour in the processor, added the cubes of shortening and butter and pulse a few times until it’s the right texture.

Because I made the full recipe and the processor was quite full, I emptied the mixture into a bowl to make sure it had the texture I was looking for and was mixed all the way through, I then put it back into the processor added the ice water and a few more pulses it was done.  Formed into a ball, covered in plastic wrap and rest for 30 min.

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