Thanksgiving Dinner


Dinner was great.    I think this makes a record of amount of posts for me in one day.  I logged and blogged a day in the life of The Arthritis Kitchen for Thanksgiving 2009.  Lots of leftovers and no cooking for me tomorrow.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Here is a picture of stuffing.   This turned out to be really good.  Red onions were a nice touch.


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  1. arthritiskitchen

    Thanks! Aren’t the leftovers the best. I’m a few hours behind here on the West Coast and already have visions of the turkey sandwich that awaits me for lunch. Dinner will be a revisited version of last nights meal. I’m having a non-cooking day but it will be filled with food. Lots of rest and relaxation on the menu today for me.

    • I love leftovers! We also ate a revised turkey dinner last night and it was also very good. Yum :). Now I have to get back into a normal food routine. I’d been off on vacation and house-sitting before the holiday weekend, so my fridge is just about empty! Time for a big grocery-shop tonight.

  2. It all looks wonderful! We had ours last night, too, and I’m just about to dig into some leftovers for lunch. Turkey dinners (and subsequent lunches!) are some of my favourite things in the world.

    Hope you’re having a lovely long weekend.

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