Thanksgiving Menu

Today is Thanksgiving – my favorite of all holidays.  I am up early before anyone in my house and am excited about the cooking I’ll be doing today.  I will start this morning with pumpkin pie.  Making a pastry from scratch and using the food processor as my Arthritis Kitchen tip.  The rest of the meal will be roast turkey, traditional stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted yams, baby brussel sprouts sauteed with shallots and bacon, oh yes and I made cranberry sauce last night.  This is actually going to be an easy meal to make  because I prepare almost everything in advance and then just figure out the timing of it all.  Yes, I will be cooking all day but that truly makes me happy.  I look forward to big cooking days when I can spend them in and around the kitchen.  I am going to make a conscious effort to work smartly, not overdo it and take it easy on my arthritic joints throughout the process.  But first….its way too early to be making noise so I will settle on the couch and watch some Food Network shows and enjoy the quiet morning.

Happy Thanksgiving and as Jacques Pepin would say “Happy Cooking”.

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