Butternut Squash & Leeks

Butternut Squash and LeeksThis has become a favorite side dish at my house.  I originally got the idea when visiting friends and they served  a delicious  combination of roasted butternut squash and leeks.  It is super simple, super good and very nutritious.  Butternut squash is an inflammation reducing ingredient so I like to cook with it.  I also enjoy its versatility.   Roasting it along with the leeks is a terrific way to bring out the flavors of this winter squash.  This side goes great with any roasted meat and is something you can just put in the oven along with whatever else you are making to save from having to prep at the stove.  What you need: 1 butternut squash peeled and diced, 2 medium size leeks cleaned and sliced into rings.  Salt and pepper and  olive oil.  Toss all ingredients in a glass baking dish cover with foil and bake until 1/2 done.  Remove foil for remainder of cooking to slightly brown.  Times depend on oven temp.  I bake at 400 if on its own and at 350 or whatever my oven is on for another dish.  Total time is generally 50 min – cook until your preferred tenderness.

Arthritis Kitchen Tip – Prepping the Squash: Trying to break down a large butternut squash is a chore  for most anyone but if you have limited strength or use of your hands or arms it can be seriously daunting.  I find the following method provides the most stability when working with squash and produces effective results with the least amount of effort.

  1. Use your largest, sharpest knife – do not use a serrated edge flexible knife for this job
  2. Cut the squash in half as if sawing a log in half.
  3. Turn cut side down with the flat surface on the cutting board – root side up.
  4. Slice through the squash length wise across the root end.
  5. Using vegetable peeler, peel squash to remove thin top layer of skin.
  6. Dice or prepare as needed for recipe.

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  1. Thank you so much for the tips on cutting the squash! I have very limited use of my hands and always have trouble wrestling with a big squash like a butternut.

    This recipe looks great. I have some squash this year from my parents’ garden and have been looking for ideas for it.

    • arthritiskitchen

      I’m glad it was helpful, I was thinking I should have got someone to take photo’s of the process – I will next time and add them to the blog. I’ve updated the post with more instructions on how to bake etc. I hope you make it – let me know how you like it.

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