Turmeric Curry

In my ongoing quest to cook with foods that are known to help Arthritis, I am cooking again with turmeric and ginger.   Using these two ingredients as the main flavor components when making a curry has been a wonderful discovery for me.  You get the rich flavors and warming  feeling of a curry dish but without the spicy heat.  The ginger and turmeric go so good together and the flavors pair well with a variety of vegetables and meats.  I’ve used chicken, beef and pork for the proteins and for veg, always onions and lately celery and yams but any stir fry veg works great.  The aromatics are  garlic, ginger and lime zest and the spices are turmeric, salt, pepper and a small amount of cumin.  I served over brown rice.  This dish is delicious, nutritious and has ingredients that are known to reduce inflammation making it an Arthritis Kitchen favorite.

Turmeric Curry

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  1. I didn’t know about these spices reducing inflammation. Thanks! What about foods or spices that increase inflammation? Are there certain foods to avoid? I heard that nightshade vegetables should be avoided, like tomatoes and eggplants. What has been your experience?

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