Chicken with fresh figs and balsamic

figs 001


I find it hard to resist the fresh Brown Turkey Figs when they come into season mid autumn.  I like using fresh figs in savory dishes.  Their texture is both chewy and silky at the same time and there is a slight crunchiness from the seeds.  They are meaty like mushrooms when cooked down.   I made a pan sauce using diced figs, onion,  balsamic vinegar, red wine and a small amount of honey to balance the acidity from the vinegar.





Rainbow Chard and Chicken with Figs and Balsamic

Fig and Balsamic Chicken, Jasmine Rice and Rainbow Chard

Arthritis Kitchen Tip – Increase the absorption of minerals.  This meal had several health benefits going for it.  Figs are high in fiber calcium and potassium, the chard is a super star on the vitamin scale with high levels of vitamin K, A and C.  And, the surprise health star of the meal is the vinegar.  The acid in vinegars increase the body’s ability to absorb minerals from food.  This qualifies this meal as an Arthritis Kitchen favorite for the vitamins, minerals and delicious taste.

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  1. This looks very tasty! I haven’t cooked with figs before. Do you need to peel them first? Would you substitute dried ones if fresh weren’t available and, if so, would you soak them first?

    • arthritiskitchen

      No I don’t peel figs before using. Their skin is extremely thin and delicate. They can be more fragile than eggs when transporting if you ask me. I have not yet tried cooking with dried figs. Seeing as I like the flavors of fig and balsamic so much that I may give them a try when fresh are not available. I’ll post the results when I do.

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