Curry with Fresh Turmeric

I got a hold of some fresh turmeric and decided to make a curry.   I was curious to see what turmeric in its fresh raw form would be like.  I tasted some and found it to be herbaceous with a slight floral quality.  It was not hot, but is was spicy in its own way.  The pieces I got were small and were similar to ginger root covered in a very thin papery skin.   If you are going to be working with fresh turmeric,  wear gloves.  Trust me on this.  I forgot to put mine on when I was peeling them and have yellow stains on my fingers to show for it.  I’ve read to expect these to linger for three days!  I used my microplane to grate it as I usually do with ginger and garlic.  The turmeric is a very vibrant bright orange.  When cooked, it gave the typical yellow hues you get when using dried turmeric but not as strong.

Fresh Turmeric

We were pleasantly surprised at how flavorful this turned out to be.  The fresh turmeric added rich, mild flavors to the dish.  I think now that I could have used way more.  It was balanced nicely with coconut milk and some pineapple to off set the spicy turmeric and ginger.  It was suggested that trying turmeric like this in baking might be a good place to explore next.

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  1. I love experimenting with spices. I’ll have to try some of your recipes. Me, ginger and cinnamon are best friends. I’ll have to try turmeric to see how that goes as well.

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