Union Square Bar Nuts

I’m putting together little bags of Arthritis Kitchen crafts for my staff this Christmas and I’m taking them into the office tomorrow.  I made a batch of  Union Square’s Bar Nuts.  These are so easy to prepare and a nice combination of sweet and savory with fresh rosemary, brown sugar, cayenne and sea salt.   I used a mixture of nuts but must say that I do like the pecans the best.


I’m giving each person a portion of these nuts and some of the crystallized ginger I made last weekend.

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  1. I’ll watch for the ginger recipe.

    Ginger is very good for arthritis as well as being an all around super healthy ingredient.


  2. Thought this is where I saw these last year. They are terrific and easy. I’m going to make them again.

    • arthritiskitchen

      Glad you found the recipe again. I’m going to be making them again this year along with another batch of the candied ginger. I’ll be posting the recipe for the ginger soon.

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