Wings, Fries and Coleslaw

Arthritis Kitchen On the Road

This past weekend while visiting friends, they cooked up a feast of wings, coleslaw and hand cut, homemade fries.  There were 2 kinds of wings – traditional hot and thai chili.  Both were excellent.  I hadn’t tried thai chili wings before and really liked the balance of sweet and heat.

The coleslaw was a mixture of green cabbage, carrots and some green onion.  It was dressed with a red wine and mayonnaise dressing giving it a creamy tangy balance.  Both the cabbage and carrots are high in fiber and nutrients.

The fries were fantastic and a real treat.  They were made taking the proper steps to ensure perfect results.  First, its important to select the right size and shape of potato.   Look for longer as opposed to rounder  shapes as seen here to give you the size and shape of cut you are looking for.   Once you have peeled the potatoes, keep them under cold water until ready to cook.

Hand Cut Fries

The next step in making perfect french fries is to blanch them first at a lower temperature to partially cook them, drain then cook them a second time to crisp them up.

This extra steps ensures you have fries that are fluffy on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside.  Season with salt as soon as they are out of the fryer and then enjoy.

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