Thai Chicken Salad

Fighting Inflammation with Food

As sometimes happens with Rheumatoid Auto Immune Desease, I am experiencing an unexpected new flare this weekend.  Its in my right hand, right across my knuckles and in the upper palm making my hand very sore and with limited use.  My Arthritis Kitchen strategy is to prepare meals that are super rich in antioxidants and high in omega-3 to help my body deal with the inflammation and to make things easy to prepare with little chopping and prep work.

Last nights dinner was a Thai Chicken Salad with noodles.  A variety of dark leafy greens, sunflower and green lentil sprouts along with green onions made up the salad.  This was topped with warm grilled chicken and a Thai Peanut dressing with shallots and ginger.  Served over a bed of Asian noodles and tossed all together made for a fantastic meal full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Arthritis Kitchen Tips

To make this Arthritis Kitchen friendly with my sore hand I purchased some ingredients that would require less prep work.  To avoid washing and cutting lettuce, purchase a bag of  pre-washed organic spring mix.  I also purchased chicken tenders which required no chopping at all.  While I generally purchase whole chicken and produce for the price and enjoy prepping them myself, when having a flare these types of things are definitely worth it.

For the dressing, shallots and ginger.  To avoid any chopping simply use a fine grate microplane.  It is my go to kitchen tool to make quick work of anything that your recipe calls for a minced or finely chopped.

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  1. This looks really delicious.

    I am realizing I need to eat better – I need to eat more, and what I eat needs to be more nutrient-rich. I’m going to try this!

    • arthritiskitchen


      I couldn’t agree more. What we put into our bodies as fuel has a direct impact on the performance of our bodies. I had a bad flare that started on Friday and everything I ate over the weekend was good quality and full of rich nutrients targeted to RA health. My joints on Monday – much improved. Did the antioxidants and omega-3’s make a difference…I like to think so.

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