Chicken Burgers with Grilled Corn & Asparagus

With no pots – no pans and with next to no clean up, making dinner entirely on the grill can be a work-saving way to prepare a delicious, fast dinner.

The only hands on work needed for this meal was preparing the corn for grilling and placing the asparagus on skewers.  Both are very easy to do and can be done in advance.  Chicken breasts were seasoned with salt and pepper then grilled.  Really easy and really good.

Grilled Corn in the Husk

1 ear of corn per person

  • Peel back the husks of the corn but leave attached
  • Remove silk
  • Replace husks and tie in place with a piece of kitchen twine at end to close
  • Soak ears for at least 10 min in cold water – weight down to ensure submerged
  • Grill over med-high heat turning frequently to avoid burning  -10 – 15 min depending on size of ears
Flavored butters and/or seasonings can be added to corn before closing husks.

I peeled the husks backwards and tied with a piece of kitchen twine to hold together as a handle.  It made for a fun and easy way to serve the corn.  You could just as easily tear off the husks if you wanted to but that would actually be more work.  Give this technique a try.

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