Time for a pain pill? The struggle is real.

Neck and shoulderUgh…I’m hurting

One of the areas where I frequently have pain, is right across my shoulders. It’s where I hold tension and is a good indicator of how stressful or zen my day is going.  Often, at the end of the day this area is screaming at me. Like right this very moment!

T 3’s?

There are times when I am in a lot of discomfort and honestly, I would just rather not have to take a dose of pain medication. This is often due to timing. If I take them too early in the afternoon, they may have worn off by the time I really need them when I’m standing making dinner.  If I wait too long, the pain may get on top of me and be harder to control. If I take too many doses a day, I may end up needing to ration my supply down the road. Then there’s just the simple fact that I don’t like to always be taking pain killers. I know I am not alone in having these sorts of thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I still need my pain meds but I do like to have some additional tools in my toolbox. And hey, lets be honest, it also allows me to more freely enjoy a glass or two of wine. Red wine, for the antioxidants – it’s good for you.

time for pills

         calendar                        no-wine

What I sometimes do instead

One of the things I love about using essential oils is that there are many times when, in the past I would have reached for a prescription or an over the counter medication, that I am now using my oils. And to be honest, they often work faster and better than anything in pill form. I especially like them when trying to target something specific. Like a pain in the neck or my excruciating knees.

Past Tense and Deep Blue – Essential Oil Blends from doTERRA




I’ve recently starting using Past Tense to target the painful area across my shoulder blades. It works so good and so fast!  It comes in a roller bottle that I can have with me anywhere and use at any time.  As an added benefit, this blend also provides soothing effects on both the mind and body so is a great one to have when in stressful situations.

For sore joints, Deep Blue is the bomb!! I use it, diluted with a bit of coconut oil to rub into my knees before I go out if I’m going to be on my feet a lot. Also, after an activity, if my legs are screaming at me, it works great to cut down on the intense hurt that can be an inflamed, angry RA joint. Having something that can provide me with relief and is also completely natural really appeals to me. If it appeals to you as well and you’d like to find out more or make a comment, here’s how to get in touch.

**Please note, all content and claims are my own and do not represent medical advice**


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