RA Kitchen Tips – an ongoing series

One of the reasons I started blogging was my love of cooking and recipe development along with a real need to find different ways to work in my own kitchen.

Having a chronic illness or challenges with pain, fatigue or lack of strength and mobility are a real concerns for many people. When my disease became more active and started to affect more than just my knees, I needed to adapt and find new ways to work effectively in my kitchen.

I cook at least one main meal from scratch almost every day. I love it, cooking is a pleasure for me, not a chore and something that I want to always be able to do. I also believe that our overall health is impacted greatly by the foods we eat. For me, this means eating fresh, real, un-processed foods as much as possible. I hear from a lot of people that they would like to do more cooking and eat less “prepared meals” from the frozen isle or deli case or rely on take-out as often as they do. There is a desire to eat better and cook more but many find cooking to be difficult, too tiring and that it is no longer something they enjoy.

This is how RA Kitchen Tips started.  Ideas, strategies and tips on how to make working in your kitchen easier and more fun while not taking up all your energy or “spoons”.

Whether you cook all the time or just occasionally I hope that you can use some of these ideas and that it will help inspire you to get back to enjoying cooking.

Looking for a particular tip?  Get in touch, let me know – I’m happy to help.

Do you have a tip to share?  I’d love to hear about it.

Email RA Kitchen  arthritiskitchen@gmail.com

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